Survey on Holy Mother

A Letter from Suzanne Schier-Happell
requesting participation in an online survey
about Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi

Dear Vedanta Society members,

My name is Suzanne Schier-Happell, and I am working on a research project—under the advisement of Swami Tyagananda, and on behalf of Hindu University of America—about the modern relevance of Sri Sarada Devi’s life and teachings in the 21st century, focusing specifically on devotees in North America.

I have attached a letter from Swami Tyagananda in support of the project to this e-mail.

My goal in doing this research is to show that Holy Mother’s teachings are still living, vibrant, and fully relevant in the modern world–and also to show some of the unique ways that devotees (especially women) might relate to her in a North American context.

I hope you might be willing to help me by completing the following survey:

The first page of the survey asks a few general questions about yourself, and the second page asks specific questions about what Holy Mother’s life and teachings mean to you.

Please know that your responses will be completely anonymous. I will see only what you write, and will have no access to any further information.

I welcome any questions you might have about my project, and I thank you for your kind consideration of assistance.

Sincerely, and in peace,

Letter from Swami Tyagananda (pdf file)

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Survey on Holy Mother