Vedanta Media Sources is a collection of audio recordings of Swami Yogeshananda reading the books he has written.

Vedanta Video is not affiliated with the Vedanta Society. However, the videos herein were shot with the knowledge, co-operation, and, where applicable, permission of various Vedanta Centers over the last 40+ years.

GemsTone AV presents new and archival materials drawn from audio and video recordings engineered and produced by Jon Monday, as well as recordings licensed from our Vedanta Archives.

Vedanta Works is a YouTube channel dedicated to the teachings of Ramakrishna-Vedanta. It includes reminiscences of monks of the Ramakrishna Order, interviews with monks, nuns and devotees, and spiritual travelogues.

Vedanta Hub is a kind of clearinghouse of great reference material and videos on Vedanta, maintained by a devotee.