Become a Member

The Vedanta Society of Southern California welcomes applications for membership from those interested in the mission of the Ramakrishna Order, teachings of Vedanta and who wish to support the Vedanta Society through devotion, financial giving, and service.

Benefits of Vedanta Society Membership

Membership provides:

  • An opportunity to become an integral part of a community of devotees who share your spiritual interests.
  • More involvement in the activities of the Vedanta centers, like annual retreats just for members.
  • Right to participate and vote in the annual business meeting of the Vedanta Society.
  • More insight into the operations of the Vedanta Society.
  • Additional benefits, like checking-out books from the library.

Commitment of Vedanta Society Members

Members are encouraged to:

  • Attend lectures, classes and other events at the Vedanta Society, including the annual Members Meeting in Holywood.
  • Pledge monthly dues at a level they choose.  No pledge is too small.
  • Provide some service to the Vedanta Society.  Our ability to serve our members and spread the teachings of Vedanta very much depend on help from members.
  • Uphold the integrity and message of the Vedanta Society and the Ramakrishna Order.

Applying for Membership

Prior to applying, we suggest you attend lectures and classes at the Vedanta Society for a while, and then make an appointment with Swami Sarvadevanda for an interview.  There is no charge for the interview.  If you live out of the area and are not able to come to Southern California to meet with Swami Sarvadevananda, membership may not be practical for you, but we will be glad to include you in our e-mail list – you can sign up here.

Members do not need to have received spiritual initiation.

To apply for membership, speak with one of our monastics  at any of our centers, and receive an application form. You can also write us at with questions about membership.  A member of the Vedanta Society will be in contact with you to discuss your application or answer your questions.

Discontinuing Membership

Please inform us in writing if you decide to discontinue your membership.