Piñon Hills Retreat

The Vedanta Society owns a beautiful retreat in the high desert of Piñon Hills. It sits on the edge of town, in the hills, with beautiful views of the surrounding desert.

The house was built by Dr. Amar Pierce and Barbara Paul Pierce (Sati) in 1990, on property Sati had inherited from her mother. They called it Shakti Institute and held small retreats there related to health and spirituality. There were programs on Yoga, Tai Chi, and Nutrition, discourses by spiritual teachers, and classes by John Dobson on Astronomy and Vedanta.

Dr. Amar Pierce died in 2005, and Sati donated the property to the Vedanta Society in March of 2006.

Monthly day-retreats are a regular offering at the Retreat. Watch our newsletter for details.

Antaryoga Retreats

The Antaryoga Retreats conducted by Pravrajika Dayaprana begin at 9:30 am on the scheduled day. Scriptural texts are read aloud, and meditated upon; group chanting is followed by silence. Retreatants share a meal together. The day closes at 4 pm.

Upcoming Antaryoga Retreats:

  • March 25, 2017
  • April 22, 2017
  • May 20, 2017

Please e-mail Pravrajika Dayaprana at dayaprana@vedanta.org to register for the retreats. After registering, details of the location will be sent by e-mail.

Reflections on the retreats, from three regular retreatants:

The retreat location is serene, quiet. Private, yet it is like a home and temple-like. The group is sincere. The routine keeps us focus yet allows freedom to take breaks as we wish. The topics are excellent; the teacher is inspiring. We come back looking forward to return next month.


I cherish the Vedanta meditation retreats in Piñon Hills. I learn so much about the scripture there and have the opportunity to contemplate and focus my mind on the teachings during the meditation. The singing and chanting are uplifting and joyful. Dayaprana is a wonderful, caring teacher and the setting in the temple and on the grounds are very conducive to contemplation and devotion. Many thanks.


I am not a morning person, but once a month I wake up at 5:30 am to pick up Pravrajika Dayaprana at the Vedanta temple in Hollywood for a 1.5 hour drive to the high desert.
As time passes, the landscape shifts from concrete buildings to majestic rock formations; Joshua trees appear on the horizon and the speed limit gradually decreases. By the time we arrive, my mind has similarly started to slow down.
Joined by newcomers and consistent attendees, we open the house, do some light cleaning, organize the food and drinks, and prepare for the day. By 9:30, we are called to join Dayaprana for a day of reading holy texts aloud, contemplating, meditating, chanting, and exploring the stunning grounds. Simultaneously thought-provoking and deeply calming, the activities shift the group’s energy. By the time we wrap up for tea and conversational reflection, we are more deeply present and awakened to the universal.
The monthly pilgrimage is a gift I have come up rely upon for perspective, clarity, and community. In the lifelong journey of spiritual and personal evolution, I am deeply thankful for my brother (who lives in India) introducing me to Vedanta, the leap of faith I took a year ago to act on an e-mailed flyer, the devotees who donated the retreat house for this purpose, and of course Dayaprana who is a joyful and energetic force we are privileged to learn from.

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The retreat is open during scheduled retreats only.