A Christmas Message from Swami Sarvadevananda

Dear Devotees,

We bow down to Christ who is immortal though crucified, 

who is purity incarnate and the son of Mary, 

the friend of the lowly, the Lord of  all, and love personified.  

Our salutations to him again and again. 

The teachings  of Christ is sure to remove the darkness of our hearts and illumine our spiritual life.  

Swami Vivekananda wrote :

“These great children of Light, who manifest the light themselves, they, being worshipped, become as it were, one with us and we have become one with them.”

My loving Christmas greetings for you and your family and I pray  that the New Year 2017 brings you good health, prosperity, joy, peace, tranquility and the feeling of spiritual closeness  to God. I hope that you are enjoying your spiritual practices and feeling more and more joy in your daily prayer and meditation. 

I crave the blessings of the Divine Mother so that She becomes gracious and opens the gate which leads to Eternal Bliss. 


Yours in Mother,


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A Christmas Message from Swami Sarvadevananda