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Covid-19 Update

Our centers at Trabuco, San Diego, South Pasadena, and Piñon Hills are still closed to the public.
Our Santa Barbara temple and bookshop are open with restrictions.
Our Hollywood Temple will open on Sunday June 20th with restrictions.

All events and activities will continue to be streamed live online
(YouTube links and Meeting info available in the calendar of upcoming events)

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Why is there Misery
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When to Commit to a
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All Events and Activities are Streamed Live Online
(YouTube links and Meeting info available in the calendar of upcoming events)



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Bust of Swami Vivekananda at the Ramakrishna Monastery in Trabuco Canyon

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Here are the words for our Hollywood Ram Nam Sankirtan, in transliteration, Devanagari, and translation. The version we sing is
The health and safety of our devotees, visitors, and monastics is of the highest priority. We ask that you do
The nuns, monks, devotees, members, and friends of the Vedanta Society of Southern California pay tribute to the memory of
Swami Brahmananda Birthday Celebrations Hollywood Temple Sunday January 26 10:00 am Worship 1:00 pm   Homa Fire and Prasad Lunch 2:30 pm   Special Program

Words of Wisdom

"There is no God separate from you, no God higher than you, the real 'you '. All the gods are little beings to you, all the ideas of God and Father in heaven are but your own reflection. God Himself is your image. 'God created man after His own image. ' That is wrong. Man creates God after his own image. That is right. Throughout the universe we are creating gods after our own image. We create the god and fall down at his feet and worship him; and when this dream comes, we love it!"Swami Vivekananda