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Survey on Holy Mother
A Letter from Suzanne Schier-Happell requesting participation in an online survey about Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi Dear Vedanta Society
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Weekend Spiritual Talks
Weekend Program Change In order to accommodate the busy schedules of the swamis and ensure that we may benefit from
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Pravrajika Anandaprana Passes Away
Pravrajika Anandaprana (Ursula Bond) was born to a wealthy Jewish family of great culture in Berlin. Fleeing the Nazis, the
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How Karma Yoga Has Affected My Life   Br. Vivek
Br. Vivek has been living at the Trabuco Monastery for eight months now. The Santa Barbara nuns invited him to
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Words of Wisdom

"If what you have seems insufficient to you, then, though you possess the world, you will be miserable." Seneca