Santa Barbara Temple to Open on February 11

Hi everyone,

We have great news: The mandatory evacuation is lifted, and the Temple will open to the public on Sunday February 11th. We lovingly request that you do not try to come here before then.

We are very grateful to have here now, stationed on site, a professional cleaning company, sent by our insurers. They are cleaning the temple, bookstore, and all our our buildings top to bottom with very heavy duty machinery. They assess that the work will take 3 weeks and they cannot have people around themselves or the machinery. We have a significant amount of smoke and ash damage from the Thomas Fire that needs addressing.

Even more importantly, there is a major disaster relief going on continually in the creek/debris dam across the street, directly attached to our garden. There are trucks going up and down Ladera Lane constantly, truly constantly, and these big trucks are filled with millions of tons of massive boulders. The work with the heavy equipment and the boulders goes on 7 days a week, nearly all hours of the day and night. When cars come up the road, it interferes with their progress, they have to stop their trucks, which isn’t easy since they’re so big and heavy, and it delays the overall recovery work, which directly impacts us and our neighbors. We are as anxious as you are to have life return to normal. We miss you all. But please be considerate and wait until February 11th so our incredible, much-appreciated army of workers can get our property and our neighborhood back to safety and normalcy.

We can’t thank you enough for all your prayers, your good thoughts and kind wishes. We’ve been incredibly fortunate that the temple and convent were spared the damage that so much of our community has suffered. We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the very near future.

With love from us all,

The Nuns

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Santa Barbara Temple to Open on February 11